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Launching or reorganizing a business by yourself or with partners is a huge undertaking. It’s exciting, but it carries some risk, which you can mitigate by spending a little time in the formation / reorganization process and doing it right.  The Calhoun Law Business Lawyers provide legal knowledge and advice to guide the process and apply that advice to the business matters at hand.  Throughout the process we facilitate discussion of all-important considerations, to be sure you’ve come to a consensus on how things ought to proceed.


During formation, re-structuring, or merger of your business our business lawyers work with you to choose and form the appropriate business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, C-Corp , S-Corp) for your company to ensure that day-to-day management and control is structured for your needs and limited liability is preserved.


For the buyer or seller of a business, there are hundreds of questions needing answers. Our business attorneys can provide answers to the many legal and practical issues that the purchase and sale of a business raise.  We assist clients in all aspects of the purchase and sale of a business, including - negotiating, drafting and reviewing the buy-sell agreement, ascertaining and negotiating the purchase price) negotiating and drafting consulting contracts for the selling owner); drafting or enforcing non-competition agreements; assist with the sale of commercial property either as part of the business transaction or as a separate transaction; and reviewing employment contracts.


Calhoun law’s business lawyers offer advice based on past experience dealing with other franchiser and franchisees. We are well versed in developing and reading Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) and franchise agreements. We know exactly what to look for to ensure that you agree to terms that you understand and are comfortable operating under. We will help you negotiate the terms of your agreement and offer guidance on which aspects of the agreement are vague, requiring additional clarification.


While the work involved in creating a succession plan can be intimidating, doing the work is far preferable to the financial and emotional fallout you risk by avoiding succession planning.  Our business attorneys provide succession planning services that include: identifying strategies for management transition, identifying mechanisms enabling the transfer of ownership, and addressing asset protection opportunities and challenges.


If you are running a partnership, a limited liability corporation, or a company governed by an operating agreement, you will need to follow the process of dissolution outlined in your governing documents.  If your documents do not explicitly address how to dissolve the business, you will want to turn to the laws of your state for guidance.  Our business lawyers can guide you through the process of notifying creditors of the pending deadline, finalizing asset distributions, and reaching settlements with parties that have outstanding claims.  We provide in-depth, straightforward counsel on the fair and equitable division of valuable business assets, as well as debts and other liabilities your business has incurred.


Resolving business disputes between co-owners or members in an LLC or partnership quickly and efficiently can make or break a business.  Disputes typically arise when one of the parties feels they are contributing far more than the other, or when there is a loss of trust or respect between the partners.  Our business lawyers provide advice and counsel to businesses experiencing internal strife geared toward identifying the issues that led to the dispute and options for resolving or settling the dispute.  Our business attorneys have experience resolving partnership disputes via: negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation in open court.


Owning a business is difficult. Regardless of the size of your business, our business attorneys can help you become aware of the legal intricacies of your industry. Unless you are creating a sole proprietorship, you are creating a separate legal entity in the form of your organization. Just like you have legal rights and duties as an individual, your business has legal rights and duties. We can help you to sort out the issues and clarify the advantages, disadvantages, and risks associated with alternative courses of operation. 

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