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Welcome to The Calhoun Law Firm, PLC. My name is Jay Calhoun, Founding Partner, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you some insight into our firm. The Calhoun Law Firm(CLF) provides a wide range of cost-effective business and corporate law services for clients across Arizona and the United States.  We offer practical, economical solutions to our clients’ business law and intellectual property challenges.  The legal matters handled by our lawyers range from the simple to the complex, reaching across several areas of law. Our focused transactional, intellectual property, e-commerce, and business litigation expertise helps us see through complexities to the core issues facing our clients. Our small-firm surroundings ensure that in resolving those issues, we never lose sight of each client’s unique financial and business priorities. Our clients have included companies in the construction, internet marketing, manufacturing, restaurant, technology, software, and entertainment businesses, and other established and emerging areas/businesses.

The Calhoun Law Firm is the sound choice for businesses seeking:

  • Legal counsel in matters involving Business Law, Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, Internet Law, or Civil Litigation Law.

  • A non-traditional law firm focused on keeping overhead low and efficiency high to focus on client interests rather than billable hours.  If you want pretentious office space, big boardrooms, and prices to match, CLF is not for you.  If you want cost-effective solutions leveraging technology, CLF is for you.


At the Calhoun Law Firm(CLF) we believe that every business, regardless of its size or budget, deserves professional, effective legal counsel.  To achieve this end, we take a "disciplined" approach to practicing law and advocating on behalf of our clients. "Disciplined" means doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, as well as it can be done—and doing it that way all the time.  At CLF we find that communication is critical to the attorney/client relationship and our disciplined approach.  CLF works hard to ensure that our clients are always fully informed about the status of their case and our agreed-upon plans to resolve it in the most efficient, economical, and expeditious fashion possible.


CLF chooses to be great, not big. Our size allows us to fully understand your legal needs and provide legal services in ways that are tailored to your precise needs, for fees that bear a reasonable relationship to the value provided.  In support of this objective CLF limits the number and type of matters undertaken to always deliver the best possible service for clients.  We move at the speed of business. Taking a strategic approach, we work with you to provide you with legal solutions in clear and concise language that tries to minimize your legal risks. Our professionalism and integrity are important parts of the process of solving your business’s legal matters. We get the job done and protect your reputation.


CLF is more efficient, responsive, and cost-effective than traditional law firms because our focus is on function rather than form. We keep our client list and attorney time balanced, so we can focus on identifying the optimal way to achieve your objectives. While maintaining a commitment to quality, successful outcomes, and ethics, we achieve these objectives using the optimal set of resources while proceeding in the most cost-effective way.

CLF utilizes technology to reduce costs and provide our clients with high value, quality representation and solutions.  We do online meetings, telephone conferences, and electronic appearances (if possible) in court to save travel costs when there is no pressing need for an in-person appearance.  We use secured messaging, electric signing of documents, cloud-based document sharing, and online billing to reduce page work and increase the pace at which work is accomplished.  This approach promotes efficiency, reduces cost, and improves service quality.

CLF has eliminated costly traditional big law firm overhead to drive down client costs, pricing services based on the value delivered rather than on billable hours. Charging by the hour is inherently at odds with maximizing efficiency and reducing client fees.  We base fees on outcomes, such as fixed fees for an entire engagement, for parts of an engagement, or for the achievement of designated milestones.

Innovation is not a new concept to us. We were founded on innovative strategies with a commitment to solving business problems. At CLF, we continue to innovate the way legal services are performed and delivered by adopting new ideas, processes, technologies and resources.  CLF aligns with the adapt-or- perish business model our clients employ to keep pace with the inevitable evolution of technology and processes.  Our sophisticated legal services are comparable to, and in many cases superior to, those offered by big law firms that claim to be innovative.


Thank you for considering the Calhoun Law Firm.  If the Calhoun Law Firm’s proven capabilities match your legal needs, there are four methods for us move forward.

  • If you want additional information about our services, you can view the Practice Area material provided on our website.

  • If you want additional information about our interactions with clients within specific industries you can view the Industries material provided on our website.

  • If you want to get a sense of our expertise and how we work with new clients, feel free to contact us via the Contact Us Form on our website or by calling our offices at (480) 967-1800 and leaving a message.  Please do not include confidential information in your messages.

  • If you have substantive questions about a specific issue, please schedule a consultation with us via the Book Online scheduler provided on our website.

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