The Calhoun Law Firm construction attorneys represents project owners, developers, contractors, and suppliers engaged in all aspects of the construction process.  Our construction attorneys handle legal issues relating to the biding process to post-construction claims involving building contracts, construction and builders' liens, and construction claims. 

Construction contracts and purchase orders

The Calhoun Law Firm assists project owners, developers, contractors, and suppliers negotiate, draft review and modify:

  • owner-contractor contracts 

  • subcontractor contracts

  • purchase orders for materials and equipment

Construction employment

Construction industry companies are exposed to numerous employee related issues.  We provide advice and representation on issues such as independent contractor claims, wage and hour problems stemming from minimum wage and overtime issues under the Fair Labor Standards Act and partnership disputes.

Construction disputes and litigation

The Calhoun Law Firm defends project owners, developers, contractors, and suppliers as in actions involving:

  • labor and employment issues

  • breaches of contract

  • defective work 

  • delays and disruptions

  • terminations

  • change orders 

  • mechanics' liens

  • materialmen's liens

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