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The Calhoun Law Firm puts the right business structure and documents in place to avoid or minimize the negative impacts of potential future legal problems through effective, efficient, expeditious application of BUSINESS & COMMERCIAL LAW services including commercial contracts and agreements, employment agreements, licensing agreements, leasing agreements, and franchising agreements.

Creating a business contract involves an exchange of information between the parties followed by a discussion, negotiation, and finally an agreement.  Our contract lawyers assist clients negotiate and review contracts that contain terms more favorable to them and ensure that the final contract is legally valid.  We help clients avoid the consequences of a bad contract and ensure that their legal rights and business interests are protected. 

Calhoun Law employment lawyers advise employers in all aspects of employment, from hiring to termination. We support Human Resource activities such as drafting, reviewing, and advising on employment contracts, employee policies, compensation and benefits policies, that result in a motivated work force.  This foundation buttresses litigation and internal processes like disciplinary hearings challenges.

The Calhoun Law Firm assists you in preventing theft of your ideas, designs, and other concepts that give you economic benefit through effective, efficient, expeditious application of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS. The Calhoun Law Firm provides intellectual property services including the acquisition, enforcement, and defense of copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Doing business on the Internet via your web site or other means can be an efficient and profitable venture. However, there are dangers involved in operating online, including cyber piracy, data protection and potential breaches, copyright infringements, and trademark thief.  With so many possibilities for problems, doing the legal groundwork for your business and web site is a smart investment. The Calhoun Law Firm can help, we represent clients in matters related to consumer reviews, website policies, online copyright, online privacy, Internet defamation, and other Internet law regulations.

The Calhoun Law Firm assists Arizona professionals and businesses obtain and maintain the professional licenses needed to continue their careers and preserve their livelihood. We can assist licensed Arizona professionals and businesses apply for professional and business licenses, and if necessary, defend your license.

When conflicts, disputes or claims over your business matters arise the Calhoun Law Firm can assist in resolving these issues using smart solutions through effective, efficient, expeditious applications of Dispute Resolution, including arbitration, mediation, and if necessary litigation.

The Calhoun Law firm can evaluate your trial case to determine whether or not matters, including final judgments and interlocutory orders, are appealable. We know the procedures for obtaining a review, can provide advice about the  proper record on appeal, and we can properly frame the case to obtain the best scope of review. 

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