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The Calhoun Law Firm intellectual property lawyers specialize in copyright, trademark, trade secret, and intellectual property litigation. Ideas, tangible or not, are the most important things to protect in today's competitive creative market. With so many channels and constantly replenishing feed to watch out for, tracing the ownership and originality of a design, brand name, or invention needs the laser-focused eye of a trained intellectual property attorney. Our intellectual property lawyers will handle the search, application, and filing process of trademarks and copyrights. And if your idea has been infringed upon, our litigation team will negotiate the best possible licensing and settlement agreements.


Copyright protection applies to a broad range of creative or intellectual works, including:  literary works, musical works,  dramatic works, pantomimes, choreographic works, pictorial works, graphic works, sculptural works, motion pictures, audiovisual works, sound recordings, architectural works, and computer programs.  The Calhoun Law Firm is adept at counseling clients on the registration, licensing, policing, and enforcement of copyrights.  Some of our services include:

  • copyright consultation 

  • copyright registration

  • licensing, transfer and assignments

  • copyright ownership disputes 

  • work-made-for-hire agreements

  • collaboration and joint ownership agreements

  • internet and digital distribution agreements


A trademark/service mark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of a good or service of one party from those of others.  Our firm assists clients with trademark registration, licensing, and enforcement. Our services include:

  • trademark process consultation 

  • service mark process consultation 

  •  trademark searches and availability 

  • trademark registration and maintenance 

  • trademark ownership disputes

  • licensing, transfer and assignments 

  • trademark license agreements 

  • trademark infringement litigation

  • franchise agreements


Trade secrets are customer lists, supplier lists, and other business information that give you a business advantage over your competitors.  The need to keep this special knowledge out of the hands of competitors has never been greater. The Calhoun Law Firm possess the legal acumen necessary to assist owners in accomplishing this goal. Through a variety of civil and commercial means, such as the employment of non-disclosure agreements and non-compete clauses, we creatively and adeptly craft successful strategies to ensure that special knowledge (trade secrets) is fully protected.

Whether you are starting a new business or looking for ways to protect your existing intellectual property, the Calhoun Law Firm  will work hard to help you explore your full range of options.


Drafting your intellectual property agreements is just the first step. The Calhoun Law Firm will continue to protect your rights in any intellectual property dispute. We have represented clients' trademark, copyright and trade secret enforcement and infringement matters, including state courts, federal courts and proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.

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