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When conflicts, disputes or claims related to your business matters arise, the Calhoun Law Firm litigation attorneys can assist in resolving those issues in a manner that leaves your business whole and solvent through effective, efficient, expeditious application of Dispute Resolution processes. If necessary, our litigation attorneys  can represent your business in litigation. Some of our services include:


Identifying the most effective, efficient, and expeditious method of dispute resolution that results in a fair, just, reasonable answer for you and the other party.


Mediation is a means for conflicted parties to negotiate a mutually-acceptable resolution of the matter in a confidential setting, with the assistance of a neutral mediator. If the parties are unable to reach a settlement, they may arbitrate, or litigate the issue. The presence of an experienced mediator can help resolve the matter.  The Calhoun Law Firm participates in mediations as mediator, neutral fact finder, or client advocate.


Arbitration is a means of resolving disputes in a confidential and efficient manner. In an arbitration the conflicted parties present their side of the issue before an arbitrator who makes a decision that is binding on the parties. The Calhoun Law Firm participates in arbitrations as arbitrator, neutral fact finder, or client advocate.


The Calhoun Law Firm represent individuals, businesses and non-profit entities across a broad spectrum of civil disputes and lawsuits. We provide plaintiff or defense representation in state and federal courts in contested matters involving:

  • Breach of contract or oral agreements

  • Business Tort claims (unfair competition)

  • Wage Disputes - Employee

  • Employment law (Employer)

  • Business-to-business disputes

  • Intellectual property and trade secrets

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