Our business attorneys have a combined background of impressive achievements and qualifications as well as a commitment to professional excellence, client services and specialized business and corporate law   


During formation, re-structuring, or merger of your business the Calhoun Law Firm works with you to choose and form the appropriate business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, C-Corp , S-Corp) for your company  to ensure the limited liability, day-to-day management and control is structured for your needs.


For the buyer or seller of a business, there are hundreds of questions needing answers. The Calhoun Law Firm can provide answers to the many legal and practical issues that the purchase and sale of a business raise.  We assist clients in all aspects of the purchase and sale of a business, including - negotiating, drafting and reviewing the buy-sell agreement, ascertaining and negotiating the purchase price) negotiating and drafting consulting contracts for the selling owner); drafting or enforcing non-competition agreements; assist with the sale of commercial property either as part of the business transaction or as a separate transaction; and reviewing employment contracts.


Whenever you are leasing space or equipment from another individual or business, you should sign a lease agreement that sets out the specific terms of the lease in writing. While a main purpose of a lease is to give the property owner certain rights and protections, the terms of the lease are also very important for your business. An unfair or incomplete lease can leave your business vulnerable and affect your overall success. The Calhoun Law Firm reviews and negotiates commercial lease agreements in order to make sure your best interests are protected.


The Calhoun Law Firm protects your interests and avoids future litigation by negotiating, drafting, executing and reviewing sound business & commercial contracts and agreements.  (customer agreements, supplier/vendor agreements, promissory notes, licensing agreements, franchises, commercial leases, equipment leases, etc). No matter what issue your company is facing, we will draft your contracts and agreements in order to best avoid future conflict from arising. You can rely on attorney Jay Calhoun's in-depth understanding of Arizona business law to help guide you in the right direction.


The Calhoun Law Firm assists your business creating a positive working relationship between the business and workers by drafting and executing employment contracts and agreements with employees and independent contractors.  Theses guidelines are proven to reduce risks and the negative impacts to your business associated with wage disputes, wrongful termination, retaliation, harassment, discrimination, and non compete issues that can arise.

​​​Your rights are our business, and we will strive to protect them. No matter what contract or agreement you are dealing with, we will explain each line of it to you and suggest clauses or language that might be added to protect you. At the Calhoun Law Firm, PLC, we can answer your questions regarding contract interpretation, whether terms have been breached and what rights you have under your commercial agreements.  We assist you in keeping ownership of your business/work, making sure you understand your rights before you sign any contract or agreement. Not only are we skilled at drafting and reviewing business contracts, but we also have the ability to aggressively litigate on your behalf in court. If your contracts have broken down in anyway, you can rely on us to advocate for you in front of a judge in order to protect your rights.

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