Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, The Calhoun Law Firm business lawyers provide a wide range of cost-effective business and corporate law services for clients across Arizona and the United States. We offer practical, economical solutions to our clients’ business law and intellectual property problems. The legal matters handled by our business lawyers tend to be complex, reaching across several areas of law. Our focused transactional, intellectual property, e-commerce, and business litigation expertise helps us see through those complexities to the core issues facing our clients. Our small-firm surroundings ensure that in resolving those issues, we never lose sight of each client’s unique financial and business priorities. Our clients have included construction, internet marketing, manufacturing, restaurant, technology, software, entertainment, and other established and emerging companies.

Calhoun Law offers clients a world-class business law practice. Our intellect, education and experience are on par with the largest law firms in the nation and our team has interdisciplinary experience in business, law and science. Our attorneys worked in industry prior to entering the legal practice and draw upon their business backgrounds to address legal issues in a business framework. Our attorneys have been representing business clients at the highest level for the past 15 years in business organization, business operations and business closing proceedings.

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