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The Calhoun Law Firm software lawyers represent science, engineering, software, and technology developers and service providers. We work with our technology & software clients throughout all phases of the business life cycle, including initial research and development, business formation, industrial expansion, rights prosecution and litigation, antitrust and marketing compliance, and mergers and acquisitions.  Representation provided by our software lawyers is detailed in the Business and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Administrative, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, and Appellate practice areas and expanded upon below.


The Calhoun Law Firm advise clients on a broad range of legal issues relating to the structuring, organization, licensing, and operation of technology & software companies. Our team helps clients negotiate, structure, and document technology & software transactions includes:

  • Choice-of-entity Formation

  • Employment Agreements

  • Nondisclosure Agreements

  • Non-compete Covenants

  • Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Mergers and Acquisitions


The Calhoun Law Firm assists science, engineering, software, and technology developers and service providers negotiate, draft, review and modify:

  • Software and IT Agreements including: a) Licensing Agreements, b) Non-Disclosure Agreements, c) Support & Maintenance Agreements, and d) Source Code Escrow Agreements

  • Technology Development and Acquisition Agreements including: a) IT Consulting and Services Agreements, b) Systems Integration Agreements

  • IT Outsourcing Agreements

  • Internet and e-Commerce Agreements including: a) Software as a Service Agreements, b) Application Service Provider Agreements, c) Terms of Service, d) Privacy Policies, e) Website Development and Hosting Agreements, f) Cloud Computing Agreements, g) Database Subscription Agreements

  • Technology Distribution Agreements including: a) Marketing Agreements, b) OEM and VAR Agreements


The Calhoun Law Firm assists science, engineering, software, and technology developers and service providers in the preparation of technology & licensing applications and defends clients in administrative actions relating to those licenses


The Calhoun Law Firm represents science, engineering, software, and technology developers and service providers as  plaintiff / applicant or defendant / respondent in a breach of contract civil dispute / litigation actions involving:

  • Licensing Disputes including: a) system performance, b) breach of warranties, c) misappropriation of software, d) scope of license, e) confidentiality restrictions, and f) royalties.

  • Breach of Contracts including: a) Consulting Agreements, b) Implementation Agreements, c) Distribution Agreements, d) Database Subscription Agreements, and e) e-Commerce Agreements

  • IP Ownership and Use Rights including: a) Copyright Infringement, b) Trade Secret Misappropriation, c) Trademark Infringement, and d) Domain Name and Cybersquatting 

  • Employment Disputes including: a) Non-compete Agreements, b) Technology Ownership, c) Trade Secret and Confidential Information

The Calhoun Law Firm has an in-depth understanding of Arizona:

  • Technology & Software Contracting Processes

  • Technology & Software Licensing Processes

  • Technology & Software Dispute Resolution and Litigation Processes

If your company is involved in the technology & software industry, you can rely on our knowledge to protect your rights in and outside of court.

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